Shawn Moonan, President of The Vista Group, founded the firm in 1999. The firm thrives today because of his competitive spirit and commitment to professional and ethical business values..

Shawn Moonan
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Shawn Moonan was born and raised in San Diego, California. His father, an avid book collector, owned thousands of books and fostered a love of learning in many different subjects. In addition to scholastic excellence fueled by his love of learning, Shawn was competitive and athletic; he excelled in baseball and football. As a senior in high school, he earned the coveted National Football Foundation’s Athlete-Scholar-Leader Award.

     Shawn’s professional career began in commercial banking where he learned the intricacies of successful business strategies, sales and finance. He participated in tens of millions of loans, lines of credit, receivables financing and letters of credit. Today, he is an effective advisor to clients because of his strong foundation in financial and strategic planning.

     Shawn then focused on the mortgage lending business where he specialized in the super jumbo lending market. His persistence and determination enabled him to be a top producer as he more than doubled his output every year. Shawn worked closely with senior level executives whom he advised with sound business practices and guided through their financial and strategic planning. He developed a practice of thoroughly analyzing the needs of his clients and then effectively meeting those needs. He focused on developing long-term relationships with his clients.    

     In 1995, Shawn moved into the executive recruiting field at The Partners, a company based in Torrance, California. Initially he was the only member of their Lockhart Group division. Although he began alone with a stale client list, through Shawn’s perseverance and business acumen, he soon developed a successful division and added three full-time recruiters to his team to keep up with the work he generated.           

     Inspired by this success, Shawn formed his The Vista Group in 1999 and initially focused on consulting to technology and software companies. His Renaissance man frame of mind his father had taught him helped him diversify and be effective in a variety of new industries such as consumer goods, supply chain and logistics, horticulture, landscape and construction.

     Since 1984 Shawn has been consulting with executives on many issues including career, personnel, finance, technology and real estate. He has had lasting success in recruiting because he is thorough and persistent. He earns the respect of candidates and hiring authorities with his integrity, honesty and good humor. When The Vista Group is hired to recruit a member of an executive team, Shawn learns all he can about all the members of the existing executive team as well as the corporate culture and objectives so that he recruits an executive for long-term success.

     Shawn lives in Hermosa Beach, California with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending time with his family and he volunteers for youth soccer, his church choir and various community development projects. Recently, Shawn and his son were privileged to be part of a team that built housing for those less fortunate in Jackson, Mississippi with the John Perkins Foundation.  He has also been a volunteer with Sharefest, a community program that provides rehabilitation for schools and parks as well as clothing and blood donations.